Project Description

LEAF Building Group were engaged by ALDI to undertake the extension and full store refurbishment of their Beaudesert Store.

Works included a 300m2 extension to the front of the existing store, where a gym was previously located. The tenancy was completely demolished and rebuilt including roofing, structural steel, glazing, flooring, and all associated fit out. New access stairs were installed at the front of the shopping precinct which adjoins a 24/7 Hungry Jacks store.

Suspended plant decks were installed along the loading dock whilst the store was operational, therefore coordination of the works around daily truck deliveries for the ALDI Store, Hungry Jacks and neighbouring sports store adjoining the ALDI tenancy were imperative.

Temporary steel was installed to make way for new structural steel installation whilst the store was still operational, and once the store was shutdown (shutdown period of 11 days), complete structural steel was installed to extend the existing store into the new extension. Once the shutdown period commenced, LEAF undertook a complete reorientation and renovation of the existing 1,000sqm store, including aisles, fridge/freezer cases, checkouts and back of house, whilst completing the renovation, along with the renovations in the retail space, the staff room, office space, toilets, switchroom and back of house were also renovated.

Complete electrical, mechanical and refrigeration services were undertaken, as well as removal of existing ceiling and the ALDI specified seismic ceiling grid system installed. Other significant items were the airlock entry, new checkouts, new trolley bays and ALDI specified signage internally and illuminated signage externally. Miscellaneous items included railings, handrails, balustrades, bollards and bike racks.

During the shutdown period, new sewer lines were installed for the new tundishes for the new refrigeration cases, where granite and sandstone was present at 300mm, whereby works were delayed whilst having to undertake extra excavation with heavier machinery. This discovery impacted the program of works, but we were still able to continue to deliver the project on the required completion date despite the delay by ensuring the rest of the works were completed, we believe this is a testament to our ability to work through issues that arise on projects that are out of our control, and our ability to provide flexibility in our program of works to accommodate, ramp up, and ensure that delays to do not occur wherever possible.

During the project, we dealt with flooding within the region, limiting access to the Beaudesert township, and were also faced with COVID-19 impacts, and through the implementation of effective control measures, were still able to deliver this project on time and on budget, with minimal defects at handover, that were all closed out within a two week period of handover.