Project Description

The ANZAC Legacy Gallery was part of the redevelopment of the Queensland Museum with LEAF Building Group completing the base build works for the main attraction and showcase, the last remaining First World War German A7V Sturmpanzerwagen Tank better known as ‘Mephisto.’

The scope required the removal and reinstatement of the entry facade to allow clearance for the tank to be moved into position using a temporary steel bridge followed by the construction of specialised housing to protect the war artefact during the construction and fitout stages. Works also included installation of new travertine and carpet tiles, partitions and walls, acoustic treatments as well as service upgrades in preparation for the fitout of the gallery space (electrical, communication and data, mechanical and fire).

LEAF Building Group were attentive to the proximity of the public during the high risk manoeuvre of removing the tank off the delivery truck onto the temporary steel bridge into the museum. This required coordination with multiple trades and government entities to ensure the activity ran smoothly and without incident.

LEAF Building Group maintained constant communication with the stakeholders and consultants to ensure all risks and challenges were identified and addressed in a timely matter.

The making of Anzac Legacy Gallery

Today we're proud to draw back the curtains on our new Anzac Legacy Gallery at Queensland Museum. Exhibition Curator, Dr Geraldine Mate spoke of her experience bringing this gallery to life: "As a curator, it’s pretty exciting seeing the objects and stories that have been going around in your head for months or even years suddenly before you, in three dimensions and living colour. The idea of living colour was particularly important to me as a way to connect in the gallery with the real life stories, and this was an objective for us ­– connecting with the men and women who were part of the war, or lived with its aftermath, and those who have continued to impact Queensland today" #AnzacQM

Posted by Queensland Museum on Friday, November 9, 2018