Project Description

Bunyaville Conservation Park Amenities Block Construction

Client: Queensland Parks & Wildlife – Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing

Timeframe: 12 weeks

Completed: September 2015


LEAF Building Group were engaged by National Parks to construct two new toilet amenities blocks within the Bunyaville Conservation Park. The addition of these new amenities blocks provides an additional 4 unisex toilets, 2 ambulant unisex toilets and two PWD unisex toilets for the parks visitors.

The works involved minor earthworks to cut and prepare the site for the required positioning of the two new amenities blocks. This involved the installation of a natural rock retaining wall to stabilise the slope whilst maintaining a minimal impact to the surrounds.

An onsite ‘Advanced Enviro Septic’ treatment system was prepared and installed to service each new amenity block. This was undertaken by a specialist installer in close consultation with the systems designer and engineer. This system eliminates the requirement for the new amenities to be connected to the council’s main septic system and also reduces the requirement for constant and regular onsite pumping out of septic holding tanks. This system is designed to assist the natural process of waste treatment whilst returning nutrients back to the surrounding soil.

New concrete slabs were prepared and installed in accordance with the structural engineer’s specifications and under the engineer’s onsite inspections. A new stairway between the two amenities blocks provide more direct access from the adjoining grassed field.

The design of the structures are strong timber hardwood frames, roof framing and linings with Colorbond roofs. This design and associated finishes assists in reducing the visual impact of the structures in comparison to the surrounding environment, hence creating a balance in what is a sensitive natural environment. A great level of detail was involved with the actual construction of the timber structures and involved a number of custom steel support posts and connection brackets.

New access pathways were also installed to provide access from existing carparks to the new amenity blocks and extending through to additional areas of the parks to provide greater access capabilities for all park visitors.

As a part of the works LEAF Building Group were engaged to demolish two existing redundant amenity blocks in two separate locations away from where the new amenity blocks were built.

This involved a minor amount of asbestos to be removed by licenced contractors and clearance provided prior to the redundant structures being dismantled and removed from site. Both locations were left clear of debris to allow the natural environment to revegetate the areas. In one location a small stamped and coloured concrete slab was installed to provide additional facilities to the parks visitors.

The client have asked that LEAF Building Group tender their future works as they were extremely happy with the Management, Workmanship and Professionalism demonstrated by our team throughout the construction and handover phases of this project.