Project Description

LEAF Building Group has been engaged by Moreton Bay Regional Council to undertake the remediation works at the Caboolture Aquatic Centre. The project covers work on three pools, an indoor 50-metre pool, an indoor 25 metre pool and an outdoor leisure pool.

Works included the demolition of the existing dilapidated FC internal ceilings and substrates, the existing glazing and framing, and removal of the tiles at the end walls of the 50 metre and 25 metre pool, along with removal of the grout to the whole of both pools. To undertake these works, LEAF installed over 3000sqm of internal scaffolding to be able to work on the roof, which was constructed in the pool in a way that did not damage the existing tiles and allowed full access across the whole roof structure.

After inspections of the existing roofing structure to ensure soundness of the structural steel, a new roofing cladding system has been installed, significantly reducing the maintenance required to the roofing structure for the council for the next lifecycle of the cladding system (20 years).

A new window glazing and louvre system has been installed to work in conjunction with the new mechanical system being installed, which monitors the heat and humidity levels within the indoor pools, and will open via an automated system and allow any hot air/humidity beyond the allowable amounts to escape via the ventilators in the roof or louvre system.

The water reticulation system’s in the existing pools had failed on multiple occasions in the previous years, so a new reticulation system has been installed which included new pipework and balance tanks for the system. The wet decks for the existing pools were identified to be out of level (up to 25 mm) across both pools, which causes discrepancies in the results for the reticulation systems. LEAF Building Group ensured that these were brought up to the same level so that this will not occur in the future.

The existing concrete grandstands and concourse had aged considerably over the years, so full concrete remediation works including epoxy crack injection repairs and new coating system has been used over the concrete grandstands to give them a new lease of life.

A new fire hydrant and pump enclosure system has been installed to the Aquatic Centre to ensure that the centre is protected if a fire were to break out. A new dewatering system has been installed, as the pools sit on an established water table, which could affect the structural integrity of the pools if they were not monitored effectively. The system sends communication updates and alerts via email and SMS to the relevant stakeholders so that monitoring is continuous, and any changes can be addressed before they affect the pools. The system can pump out the excess water to stabilise the water table beneath the structures.