Project Description

Geebung State School – Pool Canteen & Change Room Facility

Client: Department of Training & Education and Geebung State School

Timeframe: 14 weeks

Completed: March 2016


LEAF Building Group were engaged by the Department of Education and Training to undertake the upgrade of the existing Pool Canteen and Change Rooms within the Geebung State School campus.

The works involved the complete demolition of the existing canteen and change room facilities which were suffering structural degradation from long term stresses applied from an adjoining embankment which the building retained.
Given the pools chemical treatment facilities were located within the structure being demolished, the equipment and associated controls had to be carefully decommissioned and reconfigured in a temporary location to ensure the pool filtration and chemical treatment plant remained operational throughout the construction process.
Given the age of the structure, Asbestos was present and was removed by licenced contractors with full compliance with the DETE requirements for removing ACM on DETE property. During demolition, additional suspect material was unearthed and confirmed as ACM meaning this also had to be contained, isolated and removed from site. Whilst this caused a minor delay to the project works, LEAF was able to recoup lost time by adding resources to complete the remaining demolition works. Due to LEAF accredited procedures and processes, all issues around the Asbestos were identified and actioned early ensuring a successful and safe outcome.
As the scope of works involved the removal of the apron slab adjoining the western end of the pool shell, demolition methodology was changed to make a more manual approach reducing impact and shock to the shell by employing heavy machinery. As this careful approach was adapted, no damage was imparted to the shell or surrounding areas however as a precaution, specialist contractors were engaged to review the condition of the pool shell after removal of the apron slab.
Minor latent remediation works were undertaken on two of the existing lane rope fixing eyelets which were found to have worked loose within the pool shell. This was determined to be a long term pre-existing condition and not due to the project works, but if LEAF had not taken this proactive approach, this issue may not have been discovered which may have eventually led to more severe long term damage.
The pool was also monitored through the project by the incumbent specialist maintenance contractor to ensure the pool remained balanced and clean. Exclusion zones and catch mesh were also employed to mitigate any risk from the adjacent worksite.

Given the pre-existing structural issues with the old structure, the new foundations were designed to provide a stabilised slab by first placing 39 bored piers in strategic locations to transfer loads and underpin the slab to counteract any future lateral stresses imparted by the adjacent embankment. A new structural retaining wall was also constructed to support and retain the embankment and again transferring stress down the footings away from the new building.
The design of the new building provides new compliant change room facilities for the students and pool users and an upgraded canteen capable of catering to a larger user group whilst still providing new amenities where the pool chemical treatment plant was reinstated, all whilst maintaining the same footprint to the previous structure.
The core structure was built using concrete block construction supporting a steel framed roof whilst cement render enveloped most of the visible surfaces all adding to the modern look. This method of construction aided in maximising the available internal usable space providing open areas whilst maintaining privacy.
High level louvres were provided to assist with ventilation, multi-coloured blade were fitted to provide a discrete level of visual appeal to the school core age groups bringing a tasteful and playful touch to the overall design engaging the children’s interest.