Project Description

LEAF Building Group were engaged by Moreton Bay Regional Council to undertake the construction of the Les Hughes Sporting Complex for the Bray Park PCYC Complex, completing the Basketball Flooring and Building Renewal.

The scope of works included external building works, including the propping of the existing building to ensure structural integrity throughout the project and into the future due to the foundations that the building is constructed, Internal building works were completed including demolition, removal and renewal of the existing Basketball floor and Amenities refurbishment works.

Through the implementation of our ITP system, Quality Assurance is maintained by the continual tracking and checking of the project progress with the scope of works and relevant Australian Standards. A large portion of the project concentrated on ensuring the life of the building continued well into the future by completing external foundation repair, which included demolition works, excavation and air blasting of footings prior to the reinforcement, installation and concrete pour, works under the foundations to prolong the structural integrity of the building, crack stitching of the brick external walls and reinstatement of footpaths, bitumen and fencing.

Works then commenced to the internal building beginning with the basketball court floors which included demolition, screw piling, excavation of the existing floor location and reinforcement/pour of footings, concrete works, core hold for sporting equipment. Further internal works included the crack stitching of the brick wall and structural steel works, including realignment and new wall lining. Upon completion of the flooring foundation works, a new high-performance basketball court floor was installed, which consists of an indoor cushioned synthetic flooring system, which is used for a variety of indoor sporting needs, as well as multifunctional applications. This ensures excellent shock absorption and cushioning, whilst also being low maintenance for the PCYC Centre that currently utilise the courts.

Remediation of the amenities included demolition of the internals of the existing facilities, re-waterproofing and re-tiling, before reinstatement of toilet partitions, sundry items, joinery benches, installation of plumbing fixtures and painting.

LEAF Building Group worked very closely with engineers and consultants to deliver this project, due to a lot of unknowns in the structural integrity of the existing building. We pride ourselves on our ability to work cohesively with our clients and consultants to problem solve and offer advice on the best building practices to ensure that whole of life costs is incorporated into the delivery and longevity of buildings.