Project Description

Springwood State High School – Refurbishment of Teaching and Art Blocks

Client: Department of Training & Education and Springwood State High School

Timeframe: 3 Months

Completed: August 2016


LEAF were appointed to undertake the refurbishment of the Communications, Mathematics and Arts Blocks at the Springwood State High School for the Department of Education and Training. The buildings were originally constructed in the 1980’s and still carried many of the original internal finishes. The light fittings and fans were in disrepair and most of the floor finishes were in need of replacement.

LEAF installed new floor finishes to most areas. Light fittings and fans were replaced in the teaching areas. New partitions were installed enclosing large non-specific spaces in the Communications and Mathematics Blocks, providing additional classes and greater flexibility for the staff. The partitions were half height, with glazing above to improve the light aspect and visual amenity. An operable wall installed in the Communications Block increased the flexibility of the space further. The staff rooms benefited from new kitchenettes and wall shelving.

The Arts Block suffered from over 30 years of creative use. Walls had been painted with murals and graffiti a number of times. The external veranda space had been utilised for sculpture and was deteriorated from exposure to weather and use. The existing epoxy floor finishes were separating from the concrete subfloor.

LEAF enclosed the Veranda with breezeway louvres, enabling an all year round use of the sculptor space. It was determined that vinyl would provide a better surface than the existing epoxy and all internal walls were painted. New washout tapware was installed for the use by the student. The existing blown painted exposed timber trusses were painted a lighter colour. The final product produced a refreshed and lighter creative environment.